1. Active pharmaceutical ingredients (API)

  1. Validol (menthol solution in methyle ether of isovaleric acid/levo menthol solution in menthylisovaleriat)- antispasmodic (vasodilator) remedy .
  2. Cocarboxylase hydrochloride – coenzyme of thiamine (vitamin В1), improves metabolism and normalizes cardiovascular system.
  3. Tiotriazolin – cardio and hepatoprotector.
  4. Oxolin (oxonaphtilin) – antiviral remedy.
  5. Xceroform – bismuth derivative, antiseptic and anti bacterium remedy.
  6. Benzyl benzoate medical grade – antiparasitic remedy.
  7. Angiolin – a new representative of metabolic remedies that influences endothelium of brain and heart vessels.
  8. Hypertril – a new cardioprotector which is used to cure acute disorders of cerebral blood circulation.
  9. Cyminal – antiseptic and anti bacterium remedy.
  10. Aminocaproic acid – hemostatic remedy.
  11. Thrymecaine – local anesthesia remedy.
  12. Linethol – remedy for the treatment of burns and ray damage of the skin. 13. Calsium dobesylate – angioprotactive remedy.
  13. Manufacturing technologies of 16 API generics are developed.

2. Luminors

Luminors are agents that can shine under UV rays. Types 525 Т, 540 Т, 560 Т, and 630 Т are used in luminous defectoscopy and luminous paint manufacture.

3. Working liquids for diffusion backing pumps

Polyphenyl ethers of 5Ф4Э and Н-ПФЕ types are used as working liquids for diffusion backing pumps. Due to them remaining pressure of 5х10-9, 7х10-9 мм of mercury column can be reached because of their high stability and low steam resistance. Ethers provide clear vacuum volume that is free from backflow dirt. Received vacuum is considered to be the space vacuum.

4. Scintillators and scintillation materials

Manufactured scintillation materials are used for gas, oil and other raw materials mining. They are used for detecting and researching of nuclear radiation, fast particles and hard electromagnetic radiation, including the following:

Crystalline non-organic scintillators of sodium iodide activated by thallium and scintillation of ionizing detection on its base. Scintillation detectors of ionizing radiation NaI(Tl) are used for registration of γ radiation with the energy from 50 КэВ to 5 МэВ in temperature range of - 20 °С to 150 °С.

Liquids for luminescent defectoscopy are solutions of luminor 490 РТ, neonol, and benzyl benzoate. They are used for quality control of different materials and goods by non destructive method and can detect surface defects on metal, plastic, glass, ceramic and other goods. They can also control tightness.

Scintillation materials – agents that have an intensive brightness while put under UV radiation. Main ones are stilben, tolan, n-terfenil, РоРоР, ВРО, ВВО, 2,5 dyfebiloxazol. They are used in scintillation equipment for monocrystall growth and manufacture of scintillation detectors on their base. Received detectors are used as scintillation activators and spectrum mixer in liquid and plastic scintillation manufacture.

5. Chemicals on order

Used in analytical chemistry for quality control of raw materials in chemical, oil chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other industries.

6. Raw materials fo monocrystall growth (burden and activators)

Burden is characterized by high level of clearness and accuracy of stoichiometric ratio of components:

1) Aluminum-yttrium burden is homogenous mixture of yttrium and aluminum oxides that is received by solid-phase synthesis:

  • monoalluminate yttrium;
  • Aluminum-yttrium garnet;

2) Burden of lithium neobat (LiNbO3) is homogenous mixture of pentaoxide neobat and lithium oxide that is received by solid-phase synthesis.

7. Preservatives and stabilizers for pharmaceutical and food industry

Potassium citric acid trisubstituted 1-water and sodium citric acid 5,5-aqueous are used as additives in milk mixtures for baby food and blood preservation.

8. Defoamer for sugar industry

Glycerin monostearate is used as surface-active agent in sugar industry. Defoams and decreases the level of solution viscosity during sugar beet boiling.

9. Development of technologies of substance manufacture by the methods of organic synthesis

Our plant provides professional services on production technology development, scaling, registration of pharmaceutical substances in Ukraine and industrial manufacture of ordered pharmaceutical substances.